Senior Association of Southern New Jersey comes out for census campaigns

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Senior Association of Southern New Jersey (President Dong Sun Kim) started to actively participate in the 2010 Census campaigns.

Dec. 5th at 11a.m., Senior Association of Southern New Jersey invited Philadelphia Census Outreach Committee at their general conference meeting that was held at Cherry Hill Presbyterian church. With understanding the importance of census, the senior association promised to actively support the campaign to show our Korean community’s rights and status.

At the meeting, Dong Sun Kim (president of Senior Assoc.) stated, “Census is important event that comes every 10 years that from the result of census, it could increase the ranges of senior’ benefits.” With that, he requested the seniors for their active support in the census.

Kyung Taek Kim (chair of Philadelphia Census outreach committee) also stated, “Census is the way people can possess their rights and interests, and it can be done only by everyone’s participation.” He then mentioned the possible benefits after participating in census. Chairman Kim gave out Korean version of census questionnaire to every senior, and added, “Only in 10 minutes, everyone can finish the census questionnaire, and within the 10 minute everyone spare, it can change the 10 years of Korean community’s future.”

Especially he emphasized, “seniors can received positive benefits such as Senior Medicaid, social security benefit, and the senior association can receive federal grants enforced by the government as well.” At the meeting, Ju Hyang Lee, a newly appointed president of Korean American Association of Southern New Jersey attended and gave encouragement to seniors for census campaigns

Ju Hyang Lee, new president, mentioned, “It is because of the seniors, and many immigrant elder’s noble sacrifice that brought into the formation of today’s immigration community.” Added that, “based on this, from now on, Korean American Association will put their effort in bringing up the power and hope for our Korean community.

Ju Hyang Lee promised to put his effort in bringing up the seniors and youth’s service in the community.

With that he mentioned that there will be Lunar New Year Day Party at Dorcas community center on upcoming Jan 9th, and will held the presidential inauguration ceremony.

Korean Association of Southern NJ stated that Ju Hyang Lee, newly appointed president who will work in Dorcas community center will place his office there and make time once every week, for the seniors to solve problems regarding Medicaid, Medicare, social security benefit, unexpected letters being sent to seniors, and etc.

By the absence of Korean American Association that made them not come out for Census campaigns, the Korean American Association will level up and actively help out the census campaigns from now on.

Chairman Kyung Taek Kim promised to support the census campaigns of Korean American Association of Southern New Jersey.


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